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Long double c++ problem device

This post was first published on CoderHood as The 5 Problem-Solving Skills of Great Software Developers. CoderHood is a blog dedicated to the human dimension of software engineering. CoderHood is a blog dedicated to the human dimension of software engineering. 标准只规定long double的精度和表示范围要不低于double,并没有规定必须要用多少空间来存储或必须达到什么精度。 所以long double表示范围(数的上下界)和double一样大很正常,至于为什么比double占用空间大,那一般是因为该环境下long double的精度(有效数字位数.

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Flash Gordon wrote:
Zero wrote:
I tried
printf('n%20st%7ut%13Lft%13Lf','long double',sizeof(long
but this results in
long double 12 0.000000 -1.#QNAN0
Does anybody has a solution.
I tried this with Bloodshed using the gnu-compiler.
Thanks for your help!

I just tried the code with Visual C++ and there it seems
that there is no difference between double and long double?
Bloodshed says long double consists of 12 Bytes, Visual C++ says 8.
What is right now?

Both. The C standard does not mandate exact sizes only minimums.

Besides, the amount of unused storage doesn't directly answer your
problem. Few of us would know whether specifying Bloodshed implies a
specific version of gcc and run-time library. Run-time libraries
associated with Windows versions of gcc which I have used didn't
implement 10-byte long double in printf(), even though it might be
supported in terms of basic operators. If it uses Visual C++ printf(),
evidently there will be no support for more than 8-byte data type.

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Long Double C Problem Dev 2

Long double windows 6.1 visual studio 2017 version 15.5 editor C Robert Wolf reported Mar 14, 2018 at 02:39 PM. @NayanaAdassuriya: casting double to long double is an exact widening cast (because every double value is representable as a long double).Consequently, it is almost never necessary to cast, and my interpretation of the 'C way' is that implicit casts are preferred in this case.

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