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Free Samples; Free VST Plugins; Download Archive; Feroyn’S Flute Kontakt Library. Feroyn’s Flute is a phenomenal legato recorder Kontakt pattern library created by Walid Feghali. It was recorded utilizing an SE1000A microhpone, comes with three spherical robins and blends superbly in an orchestral context.

Jun 21, 2018  Replace the older Kontakt 5 with the newer Kontakt 5 from the download into the MacOS folder. Kontakt 5 5.8.1 update does work if you have activated libraries. The issue with 5.8.1 is the AU/VST K'ed libraries you have will be set back to demo/activate and thats bad especially if. Download kontakt VST full version for free. Multimedia tools downloads - Native Instruments Kontakt by Native Instruments GmbH and many more programs are available for instant and free download. FREE Trap Kit For Logic Pro X – Trap Attack September 26, 2017 (6,679) R&B MIDI Kit by Bruh N’ Laws – September 21, 2018 (6,521) Top Trap Kontakt 5 Libraries 2017 FREE DOWNLOAD September 26, 2017 (6,474) Dark Rose Midi Kit by ChrisTheSix September 21, 2018 (6,195) Nick Mira – Contra (Drum Kit) by KaliOnTheBeat April 14, 2018 (6,011).

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Free Kontakt libraries, instruments. Music creation blog. Free Vst, plugins & tutorials with step by step guides. Download the sample library. It's free to register (360MB instant download) 360MB Solo Female Vocal Library for Kontakt. Clare Solo was recorded in a world class studio using handmade Cloud JRS-34 ribbon mics, running through a top of the line Millenia preamp and Aurora AD converter.

Get producing music straight away with free VST plug-ins and samples in KOMPLETE START, taken from our leading production suite, KOMPLETE. Get REAKTOR PLAYER, KONTAKT PLAYER, KOMPLETE KONTROL, free effects VST plug-ins, free synth plug-ins, and sampled instruments to use in your own productions, as much as you want.
Download over 2,000 sounds and more than 6 GB of content – drums and percussion, basses, acoustic instruments, synths, pads and atmospheres, and more – plus VST plug-in instruments, effects, and other free resources for music production.


A selection of VST synths, complete with 500+ professionally-designed presets for any genre.


Nine pro-grade sample-based VST instruments – vintage synths, acoustic instruments, drums, and more.


A tube compressor and 13 versatile effects, great for guitars, drums, vocals, synths, or anything you like.


Find, play, and tweak all your sounds, instruments and effects from one powerful plug-in.


Almost 1,500 loops and samples from our popular Expansions range, suitable for use in any DAW.


A sample player that runs all NI KONTAKT instruments, and hundreds of instruments from other companies.


A powerful platform that runs all REAKTOR-based synths and effects from NI and other creators.


Download Native Access, create an account, and find all KOMPLETE START contents under the NOT INSTALLED tab.
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WiN: Team AUDiTOR 26 December 2017 551 MB
MAC: Team iND 21 June 2018 652 MB
With KONTAKT 6, you can sound like a snare drum, a symphony orchestra, or anything in between, from a universe of sampled instruments. It’s a simple sampler when you want it to be, and a deep sonic scripting laboratory when you need something more. The next generation of the world’s favorite sampling platform gives you new instruments and new features under the hood – so you can layer, link, stretch, and shape your sounds any way you can imagine.
What's new?
  • Over two decades, KONTAKT has become a highly-developed engine for creating and playing sampled instruments. KONTAKT 6 offers more for players and builders alike:
  • Introducing KONTAKT Play Series: Three new instruments for the KONTAKT library, offering pristine, contemporary sound in a creative and streamlined interface
  • Wavetable synthesis module: Build hybrid instruments for entirely new sounds
  • Enhanced effects: Even more effects for your creations, for greater expression and realism
  • Creator Tools: New standalone application dedicated to improving the library creation and editing process.

KONTAKT 6 introduces the KONTAKT Play Series: Sonically rich sample libraries that combine powerful sound design with simple playability. Each offers eight intelligently mapped macro knobs giving you a wide-sweeping, intuitive range of control. They all showcase KONTAKT’s new wavetable module, each offering two blendable sound sources and a unique take on a speciality style.
Iconic 20th century hardware synthesizers captured with an intricate level of detail, and creatively processed with seminal outboard effects. This hybrid analog/digital instrument utilizes blendable sound sources to deliver a modern take on classic electro and synthwave, which have seen a resurgence in recent cinema.

Kontakt 5 Vst Library Free Downloads For Mac

Hybrid organic/electronic instrument that takes myriad acoustic instruments from around the world, and combines it with digital synthesis, organic foley layers, and effects processing. The result fuses traditional and digital, with basses, strings (bowed and plucked), wind instruments, tuned percussion, bells/metals, pads/drones, leads, and textural ambiences.
A contemporary, creative, and ultimately new take on keys and piano sounds. HYBRID KEYS moves away from conventional sampling processes and instead focuses on inventive techniques such as re-amping, creative mic positioning in interesting spaces, and vari-speed experiments with tape.
KONTAKT has long since grown beyond its origins as a software sampler, and now provides a solid foundation for building advanced sample-based instruments. We’ve been supporting this platform, and the people who use it, with continuous updates to KONTAKT 5, and KONTAKT 6 builds on this strategy with some big additions for you builders out there.

  • Replika Delay: Based on the dedicated Native Instruments plug-in REPLIKA XT, it offers multiple delay modes, each with a vastly different sound character.
  • Room Reverb: A new high-quality algorithmic room reverb that offers options for real time modulation.
  • Hall Reverb: Another high-quality algorithmic reverb, tuned for hall sounds.
  • Plate Reverb: Emulates a plate reverberator for for classic vintage metallic sounds.
  • Cry Wah: Wah-wah effect module, based on the most popular wah pedal of all time.

The latest version of KONTAKT adds wavetable synthesis to the ever expanding KONTAKT toolset. All three of the new Play Series instruments incorporate this new module, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you create with this powerful new building block.
Creator Tools is a standalone application designed to improve the workflows of library builders and instrument creators. It consists of two elements: A Debugger, for identifying and fixing problems in KONTAKT script, and an Instrument Editor, which can load and run Lua scripts to automap samples, duplicate and batch rename groups, and copy settings from one part of an instrument to another.
KONTAKT 5 adds an impressive list of 37 new filters, updated time-stretching, 4 new on-board studio effects, a new instrument bus system and more. It's a deep-rooted update to the KONTAKT platform, allowing us and you to create even better instruments and more powerful, expressive sounds.
This plugin is a playground for anyone working creatively with audio samples. KONTAKT gives you arrange, edit, loop, slice, and time-stretch your samples using 7 playback modes. You can shape samples in ways subtle to extreme using 84 built-in effects (delays, reverbs, dynamics, distortions, guitar amps and cabinets, equalizers, modulation, bit crushers, filters, and much more). Also you can animate any sound with endless modulation possibilities and take control of multiple sample groups with sophisticated routing options.
The KONTAKT Factory Library includes a versatile range of instruments right out of the box – a ready-to-use toolset of over 43 GB of high-quality samples and more than 1000 production-ready instruments (acoustic and orchestral instruments, synths, choirs, drum machines, and much more). KONTAKT Factory Library you can download HERE.
KONTAKT 5.8.1 - 2018-06-20
IMPROVED Wet & Dry sliders on many effects (e.g., Reverbs and Delays) would cause loud artefacts when used; control signal smoothing is now a lot more robust with artefacts greatly reduced
IMPROVED KSP: 'Array out of bounds' warnings now include additional info (name and size of the array and index of attempted access)
FIXED Some older Kontakt Player libraries (like East West RA) would stay in Demo mode even when properly authenticated
FIXED Group MIDI input channel settings are now recalled correctly after saving and reloading an NKI
FIXED Kontakt would crash when trying to set the Sample Subdirectory on the Save As dialog
FIXED In some cases (e.g. with Top Shelf Drums by 3 Sigma Audio), the instrument GUI would be corrupt when using multiple instances of the same NKI
FIXED Kontakt would crash when trying to multi-select groups with Shift+Click
FIXED Kontakt would crash when assigning automation to controls the name of which included special characters
OS REQUIREMENTS This version requires macOS 10.11 or higher or Windows 7 or higher
K'd v5.8.1 - APP, AU, and VST
Use the provided 5.6.0 K'd Kontakt to add libraries

Kontakt 5.8.1 Update Symlink - Instruction
1. Run the NI Kontakt 5.8.1 SLI UPD.exe service pack (you can remove the service pack after you extract the files).
2. Install the update using NI Kontakt 5.8.1 Kontakt v5.8 Updater.exe (updates installed versions of Kontakts, starting with 5.5.0)
1. Download the basic package Native Instruments - Kontakt 5.6.8, Kontakt 5.5.0, Batch Add NI Kontakt Library 1.0.1 SymLink Installer
2. Run the basic package NI Kontakt 5.6.8 AL SymLink Installer.exe and, by clicking the Extract button, extract its contents to any disk for permanent storage, so that it can not be deleted, for example, in the folder: d: Kontakt 5 ( it is recommended to choose a short path without a Cyrillic)
3. To place the update package NI Kontakt 5.8.1 SLI UPD.exe in the root folder of the unzipped package (d: Kontakt 5 ).
4. Run the NI Kontakt 5.8.1 SLI UPD.exe service pack (after you extract the files, you can remove the service pack).
5. Run the command file Replace with version NI Kontakt 5.8.1.cmd
After the console window appears with the message:
!! Close all copies of Kontakt and DAW Apps!
Press any key to continue ..
close all copies of Kontakts and applications (DAW) that use it as a plug-in, then press any key in the console window.
(This completes the assembly update, then the installation itself follows)
6. Integrate the Kontakt into the system using Kontakt 5 Symlink Installer.exe
1. Place the NI Kontakt 5.8.1 SLI UPD.exe update package in the root directory of the unzipped base package.
2. Run the NI Kontakt 5.8.1 SLI UPD.exe service pack (you can remove the service pack after you extract the files).
3. Run the command file Replace with version NI Kontakt 5.8.1.cmd
After the console window appears with the message:
!! Close all copies of Kontakt and DAW Apps!
Press any key to continue ..
close all copies of Kontakts and applications (DAW) that use it as a plug-in, then press any key in the console window.
The basic package has a modular structure: it means a unique opportunity to add different versions of the Kontakt to it and quickly switch between them by running the corresponding command file Replace with version NI Kontakt 5.x.x.cmd, where 5.x.x is the version number

KONTAKT 6 is the newest version of KONTAKT and you can download it HERE

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