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One of the best choices of professional musicians and producers is the Antares Auto-Tune. It is used by more than thousands of sound engineers all around the globe every day. It reduces the editing time and frustration which is made by the creation of professional audio levels. So here I have come up with Antares Autotune VST Free Download for Windows 10.


VST, Plugins, Audio, Samples, Free, Download. Xpand!2 (Win) Xpand!2 Air Music Technology 2.2.7 64-bit (VST / VSTi) Windows 8 and 10 Instructions: Run Installer, open the plugin in your DAW, browse for Content folder (.BIG file extension) and it’s done. Free vst plugin auto-tuneevovst free download software at UpdateStar - Hailed at its introduction as a 'holy grail of recording,' by Recording magazine (and adopted worldwide as the largest-selling audio plug-in of all time), Auto-Tune corrects intonation and timing problems in vocals or solo. May 06, 2018  One can download the Auto-Tune licensed version from its official site in just a $399. There is an option of a free trial which will be valid for a few hours. How Antares Autotune VST Works? For the detailed knowledge of the Auto-Tune working, you.

  • 1 How To InstallAuto-Tune for Windows PC?

Features OfAntares Auto-Tune

  • It has an impressive application for pitch correction with an automatic mode that can easily be activated to correct live performances in real time.
  • Users can create vibrato shape, adjust the amplitude and the formant amounts along with the retune speed and variation.
  • Antares Auto-Tune lets to apply the pitch correction onto the tracks so that it will sound smooth and clear.
  • It has Low Latency Mode, Flex-Tune, and Humanize.

SystemRequirements For Antares Auto-Tune

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,10 XP/Vista
  • RAM: 2GB of RAM required.
  • Hard Disk Space: 500MB of free space
  • Processor: 1.5GHz of processor or faster.

How To InstallAuto-Tune for Windows PC?

  • First of all, you need to have an iLok USB dongle to activate your Antares product and set up an iLok account.
  • You need to create an Antares account to register Auto-Tune with Antares.
  • And Auto-Tune license will get deposited into your iLok account, so use the iLok License Manager to transfer the license.
  • Now, you have to open the iLok License Manager application then sign-in with your iLok User ID.
  • After that, you have to click the Available tab and locate your Auto-Tune license.
  • Now, you have to drag & drop the license to your iLok USB dongle.
  • By now, your product will be registered and activated to your iLok, so you have to download Antares software.
  • You can download Antares by going to the official page and click on your version of Auto-Tune.
  • Now, you can click the download file compatible with your DAW but, if you’re not sure then, you can choose the download option which installs every plugin format like VST, AU, AAX.
  • Once downloaded, you need to install it to your Windows PC and launch the installer file.
  • Now go to your download folder and select the Auto-Tune .zip folder then click Extract All.
  • You have to right-click the .zip folder and select Delete.
  • Now, you have to double click a newly created Auto-Tune folder and double click the Install .exe file to begin the installation.

I hope this article has helped you know what you are looking for. Do comment below if you have any queries and allow us to serve better. Share the article with family and friends. Thanks!


Available now: Cubase 10

November 13, 2018

After only one year, Cubase returns with this major release that encompasses all three editions: Pro, Artist and Elements. Cubase 10 boasts a sheer endless number of new features and enhancements to its studio-grade audio and MIDI tools for composing, recording, editing and mixing.
The Cubase 10 editions are available from resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop.
Various downloadable updates and upgrades, crossgrades, and education versions are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop and the Steinberg website.
Customers who have activated Cubase 9.5 editions and earlier versions since October 15, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to the latest respective version.
New features:

  • VariAudio 3: Ultimate control of your audio, with more creative tools and Smart Controls to speed workflow. [Pro]
  • MixConsole Snapshots: Instantly recall different project mixes and settings to quickly compare mixes and add mix notes. [Pro]
  • Audio Alignment: Stack and match recordings quickly, easily synchronizing them to a reference track. [Pro]
  • New channel strip: Redesigned Channel Strip offers better metering and functionality. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • 32-bit integer and 64-bit audio continues the Cubase audio engine’s commitment to ultimate, no-compromise quality. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • Easy side-chaining: Quickly and easily set up side-chaining to make space in mixes or create distinctive effects. [Pro/Artist]
  • Groove Agent SE 5 brings a new user interface and many improvements to the best drum production tool. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • 5 GB of high-quality sounds and loops from six highly acclaimed producers. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • AAF support lets you exchange multimedia data with all the most commonly used applications. [Pro]
  • Distroyer adds everything from subtle analog warmth to searing heat for mixes and individual instruments. [Pro/Artist]
  • Vintage Verbs for REVerence: Better management, smoother workflow and 20 new impulse responses brings REVerence greatness to your projects! [Pro]
  • Latency Monitor lets you quickly and easily know exactly where — and how much — latency is occurring. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • Full support for high-resolution displays under current macOS (limited support for Windows 10). [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • Effects in the Media Rack: Radical improvement of plug-ins workflow, with drag and drop functionality and improved display. [Pro/Artist/Elements]
  • MPE support: Easy and convenient setup of MPE controllers. [Pro/Artist]
  • Improved editing to picture for video soundtrack production. [Pro]
  • Steinberg Virtual Reality: VR production suite adds a suite of professional yet intuitive virtual reality audio production tools. [Pro]
  • ARA support: Forthcoming support for extended communications between ARA plug-ins and Cubase. [Pro]
  • Cubase 10 is packed with a wide range of usability, performance and quality improvements. [Pro/Artist/Elements]

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Cubase 10 Autotune Download Vst Download

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