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Download Pioneer “TRAKTOR PRO 2” DDJ-ERGO Setup Manual

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Pioneer “TRAKTOR PRO 2” DDJ-ERGO: Setup Manual Brand: Pioneer Category: Controller Size: 0.65 MB Pages: 3

Speedy53 PRO Infinity Staff Member since 2008 I cant find the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO-V under mappers tab with 7.0.5b build 371 wich is the same available at my download center. Is it mapped with another name? Jan 13, 2018  the mapping has been made with traktor v2.8,0, all the buttons on the DDJ-RX console will work as the label says, with 4 decks, 4 FX units and 4 Remix decks, the only changes are as follows: browser back button = scroll down tree list. Dec 25, 2012  I've recently just bought DDJ Ergo K and I've upgraded it from Traktor LE 2 to Traktor Pro 2. But after I activate my Traktor Pro 2 and I start it, I can't seems to be using the Hot Cues buttons on the DDJ Ergo K, same goes to the Sampler Buttons. I'm in the process of making a mapping for the DDJ-RZ in Traktor 2 Pro. I'm pretty far right now, and I think it's quite usable already. It's work in progress, and of course this mapping is made ac. Pioneer DDJ-SB2 for Traktor Pro (version used for this map 2.6.8.) Tested until Traktor Pro V 2.10 It works with no issues. Features: 4 Decks. Vinyl, (Scratch, bend) & Slip. Browser & Layout control. Tempo Fader & Tempo Range. Play, Backwards Playback, Cue Channel Fader Start/Cue.

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Please use this Setting File in this page when you use DDJ-T1 as a controller for 'TRAKTOR PRO 2' supported by Native Instruments. By using this file, the “TRAKTOR PRO 2” sample decks can be controlled with this unit. This Setting File is required when Native Instruments TRAKTOR PRO 2 Ver.2.6.0 is used with DDJ-T1. 2020 DDJ-SX2/SZ/SRT v6.7.0 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3+2 - DJ Estrela TO DOWNLOAD: you NEED to register and verify your email in the DJTT site to download this mapping. If it still fails, try later - the site is often in maintenance.

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Ddj ergo traktor pro 2 mapping download pc

Starting with Deck A (4 descks supported), top/left:




  • FX KNOB 1 -> DRY/WET (FX Unit 1)

  • FX KNOB 2 -> PARAMETER 1 (FX Unit 1)

  • FX KNOB 3 -> PARAMETER 2 (FX Unit 1)

  • Release FX Encoder -> PARAMETER 3 (FX Unit 1)

  • FX Button 1 -> FX UNIT 1 ON/OFF

  • FX Button 2 -> Whatever selected effect provides

  • FX Button 3 -> Whatever selected effect provides

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  • Left Beat -> Whatever selected effect provides

  • Right Beat -> NOT USED

  • Effects Panel on Deck B/D is FX Unit 2.
  • Browse Encoder Knob -> Works as expected (PUSH is unused at the moment)
  • Load Button -> Loads track into corresponding deck (and unloads track in preview deck if there is one)
  • Back Button -> Loads and starts selected track into preview deck (press again to unload)(Use the Cross Fader to seek through the preview track) - I have no other use for the X-Fader
  • Shift Combo's NOT USED
  • (Shift) Slip Reverse -> NOT USED

  • Slip -> Toggle FLUX mode

  • Vinyl (shift Slip -> Toggle Vinyl Mode (Native function)

  • GRID Adjust -> Grid Adjust/Tap (if auto analyze gets the down beat wrong, you can correct it with this button - tap 4 beats starting with the downbeat as it should be to correct it)


  • Shift Combo's -> NOT USED
  • Deck Buttons -> Works as expected (Native function)

  • Jog -> Works as expected. Some latency, and the display doesn't work yet

  • Master Tempo -> Key Lock

  • Shift Master Temp -> Key Lock (Preserve Pitch)

  • Tempo Slider -> Works as expected, but up/down indicators don't work yet

  • Sync -> Works as expected

  • Shift Sync -> Works as expected

  • Quantize -> Toggle Quantize (Global)

  • Sequencer -> NOT USED

  • Cue/Play -> Works as expected


  • Hot Cue Button -> Select Hot Mode
  • Shift Hot Cue Button -> Select Beat Jump Mode (Top Row: +4, +8, +16, +32 Bottom Row: -32, -16, -8, -4)
  • Hot Cue Buttons -> Set/Select Hot Cue
  • Shift Hot Cue -> Delete Hot Cue
  • Pad FX, Slicer, Sampler modes -> NOT USED
  • Capture -> NOT USED

Loop Section:

  • Auto Beat Loop -> Set/enable Loop

  • Shift Auto Beat Loop -> Activate Auto Loop (will latch on to first loop cue point in track)

  • 1/2x Button -> Loop/2

  • Auto tune baby song adventure time. 2x Button -> Loop*2(shift combo's not yet implemented)

  • In/Out Button -> Start/End Loop Points

  • Parameter1 Buttons -> NOT USED


  • Mic Section -> Not touched, untested, no idea how this reacts now (might just work because native)
  • Sampler Section -> Not touched, untested, no idea how this reacts now (might just work because native)
  • Sound Color FX -> Can not use (native function, no MIDI signals)
  • Headphone Section -> Works as expected


Pioneer Ddj Ergo Asio Driver

  • All functions work as expected, with the exception of the CUE buttons - pressing the CUE button will enable the FILTER knob. Use SHIFT CUE to enable pre-listen on headphone.
  • Cross Fader is only used for seeking in the PREVIEW TRACK (see Browse/Load section)Note: when starting Traktor, the hardware faders will not force their position in Traktor. Touch them to do that (haven't found a way to force this yet).

Master/Booth Bnobs -> Work as expected (Native Function)Filter on Main -> Can not be used

OSC Sampler -> Works as expected (Native Function) (no idea yet how we can change the samples as in RB)

To IMPORT into Traktor:

Ddj Ergo Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Download Pc

Click Settings, Controller Manager, Add, Import TSI, Import Other, browse to file and load it.It should show as 'DDJ-RZ - Generic MIDI', In-Port & Out-port: DDJ-RZ (DDJ-RZ), Device Target: Focus

Ddj Ergo Traktor Pro 2 Mapping Download For Pc

ONLY tested on Mac. Traktor Version 2.11.1 (28)

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