Traktor Pro 2 Pioneer Ddj 1000

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  1. Pioneer Ddj 1000 Srt
Now made a custom version of my mapping to the DDJ-800. There were very small differences.
2019 DDJ-800 v6.3.3 - mapping for Traktor Pro 3 and 2 - DJ Estrela
This is a demo of my traktor mapping to the DDJ-800. This is the same mapping as my DDJ-1000 with very minor adaptations (described below).
All features, all pads, jog scratch and jogFXs taken from the 1000 work fine in the 800. Please see that video for a full description.
These are small differnces that I fixed on this specific 800 mapping:
- mixerFX selector buttons require 2x presses to toggle (instad of being hold style)
- beatFX selector has new MIDI codes, and now works as expected
The following are other differences that I did not customized (yet):
- The Auto-Loop button is missing. Instead please press 'Loop In long hold';
- To exit loop, press shift+exit

Pioneer Ddj 1000 Srt

Jan 13, 2019 MAPPING FOR PIONEER DDJ 1000 4 DECKS: MAPPING FOR PIONEER DDJ 1000 - 4 DECKS, JOGS NOT WORKING WELL FOR SCRATCH, BETA VERSION effects, mixer effects (Traktor 3), hot cues, beat jumps, cdj mode and vinyl, crossfader channel selector, headphones knobs. Feb 18, 2016  For the past couple of weeks I've been messing around with the Traktor Pro software and I really like it! To stick with the Traktor S8 since beatgriding and Sync should eliminate the need for jog wheels or should I go with a Pioneer DDJ-RX and Rekordbox 4.0 to gain the standardized layout that most DJ's use. Is la la land all auto tune. 2 XDJ-1000 and DJM-900.

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