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As of yesterday, I notice that my version of firefox 32 ( I also run the latest version - but have to use 32 sometimes for some pages)

'wants to connect to on TCP port 443 (https) ' in the little snitch dialogue.

Little Snitch Firefox has this website associated with it that I found on google :

I have never visited it previously

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Little Snitch Firefox Version

I use mac 10.6.8

When I connect with the the other versions I have this is not the case. It seems my version 32 has been compromised some how.

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I would like some assistance on how to understand why this has happened and what to do with my version 32 - do I reset it or trash it and download it again? I use these older versions for testing webpages.

I have attached the screenshot - to make clear this is the FIRST dialogue that appears when Firefox 32 starts with Little Snitch enabled.

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Little Snitch Linux

Hope to have some clarity on this. Thanks


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