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Parasyte -the maxim- (寄生獣 セイの格率, Kiseijū: Sei no Kakuritsu) is an anime television series produced by Madhouse based on the Parasytemanga series written by Hitoshi Iwaaki. The series follows Shinichi Izumi, a high school boy whose right hand becomes possessed by an alien Parasite who he names Migi, finding himself in a battle against other Parasites who feast on other humans. The series aired on NTV between October 9, 2014 and March 26, 2015 and was simulcast by Crunchyroll outside of Asia and by Animax Asia in Southeast Asia and South Asia.[1][2][3] The series is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks[4] and began airing on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block from October 3, 2015 to April 9, 2016.[5] The opening theme song is 'Let Me Hear' performed by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, while the ending theme is 'It's the Right Time' performed by Daichi Miura.

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Episode list[edit]

Parasyte is a wonderful anime. Emotionally deep, very well thought out, and just all around exciting. The music is awesome beyond measure, the quality of the art is consistent and well done, and the story is perfectly linear and opens and closes without any gaps or hiccups. I highly recommend this to any and all anime lovers. Aug 04, 2018  Parasyte is a wonderful anime. Emotionally deep, very well thought out, and just all around exciting. The music is awesome beyond measure, the quality of the art is consistent and well done, and the story is perfectly linear and opens and closes without any gaps or hiccups. I highly recommend this to any and all anime lovers.

No.TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal airdate[6]English airdate
1'The Metamorphosis'
Transcription: 'Henshin' (Japanese: 変身)
Chie YamashiroShōji YonemuraOctober 9, 2014October 3, 2015[7]
Shinichi Izumi wakes up with a bizarre feeling in his right hand on his way to school. During the night before, a Parasite attempted to infiltrate his body through his ear in order to snatch it and control his brain, but since Shinichi wore earphones while sleeping, it tried to crawl through his right arm instead. Shinichi witnesses his right hand moving on its own to stop a car from running over a little girl while on his way home. He tries to stab his hand with a knife, that is until the Parasite reveals its form on his hand and breaks his knife. Shinichi is forced to cooperate with the Parasite from now on, while keeping this a secret from his parents, Kazuyuki Izumi and Nobuko Izumi. Later, the Parasite directs Shinichi to another Parasite that has inhabited a dog. Shinichi is shown that the only way to kill a Parasite is to destroy the heart from its host.
2'The Devil in the Flesh'
Transcription: 'Nikutai no Akuma' (Japanese: 肉体の悪魔)
Naoyuki KuzuyaShōji YonemuraOctober 16, 2014October 10, 2015
Shinichi gives his Parasite the name 'Migi', meaning 'right'. After Shinichi makes the winning shot in a game of basketball at school, he apologizes to Satomi Murano for accidentally groping her the previous morning. Kazuki Nagai becomes jealous of Shinichi and picks a fight with him outside, to which Migi forces Shinichi to punch Kazuki to finally fight back. After Shinichi later hears from Yuko Tachikawa concerning the gruesome 'mincemeat murders' being reported in various locations, he learns from Migi that Parasites practice cannibalism merely for survival, despite the fact that innocent humans are being killed each day. Migi senses a Parasite hosting a man named Mr. B nearby, prompting Shinichi to head to an alleyway away from the streets. Mr. B offers Migi to join with him in order to extend his lifeline, but Migi chooses to kill Mr. B and remain with Shinichi instead. The next day, after treating Satomi with some pancakes, Shinichi stops three thugs from harming a cat buried in a sandbox at a playground right in front of Satomi, who is shocked by his change in personality.
Transcription: 'Kyōen' (Japanese: 饗宴)
Koji SawaiShinzō FujitaOctober 23, 2014October 17, 2015
During a school assembly, Shinichi is dismayed upon discovering that Ryōko Tamiya, the new math teacher, is another Parasite and is aware of his secret. After math class, Shinichi privately meets with Ryōko in the counselor's office, where she requests to meet with her after school to discuss matters about Parasites, seeing as she is not interested in fighting him. At a restaurant, Ryōko introduces Shinichi to her partner Mr. A. Ryōko reveals that she is pregnant, therefore Parasites are capable of reproducing humans. Mr. A leaves the restaurant, considering Shinichi to be a threat. The next day during math class, Mr. A intrudes the campus, forcing the students to evacuate the school. Since Shinichi disagrees with Migi's suggestion to use the crowd of students as a shield, Shinichi runs to the top floor and barricades the area with desks in order to lure Mr. A away from the students.
4'Disheveled Hair'
Transcription: 'Midaregami' (Japanese: みだれ髪)
Tōru IshidaShōji YonemuraOctober 30, 2014October 24, 2015
As Migi and Mr. A exchange rapid attacks, Shinichi utilizes his opportunity to puncture Mr. A in the chest. As Mr. A walks to the counselor's office with barely any energy left, Ryōko jumps out the window to safety after setting off an explosion with gas tanks in the room. Following the incident, Ryōko is forced to resign from the school once news of her pregnancy reaches her colleagues. Shinichi encounter Ryōko outside on campus, where she explains that every living organism follows a directive, in that Parasites were born to feast on humans. The next day, Kazuyuki and Nobuko plan a take a trip to the beach, but Shinichi worries for their safety due to the mincemeat murders. When Shinichi decides that his parents should go on the trip, they become suspicious of his behavior, but he ensures them that he will be fine during their absence.
5'The Stranger'
Transcription: 'Ihōjin' (Japanese: 異邦人)
Hiromichi MatanoShōji YonemuraNovember 6, 2014November 7, 2015[a]
As he runs late for school, Shinichi starts to believe that he is going through some psychological changes. Shinichi sees a gang of delinquents created by Mitsuo assaulting Kazuki, prompting Shinichi to step in and stop them from hurting Kazuki. Although Shinichi takes some hits before the gang leaves, a female gang member named Kana Kimishima realizes something frightening about his nature. After school, Satomi is abducted by Mitsuo and his gang, but Shinichi is no match against Mitsuo and refuses help from Migi. A student named Kamijou brings along his friends to confront Mitsuo and his gang, allowing Shinichi to walk Satomi to his house for a while. After Kana shows up to shake hands with Shinichi by way of apology, Migi later deduces that Kana can sense wavelengths perceptible only to Parasites. Meanwhile, Nobuko is killed by a Parasite that takes her body as its host before attacking Kazuyuki. After Shinichi receives a call from Kazuyuki warning him about Nobuko, Shinichi is shocked when Nobuko comes home and pierces him through the chest.
6'The Sun Also Rises'
Transcription: 'Hi wa Mata Noboru' (Japanese: 日はまた昇る)
Chie YamashiroShōji YonemuraNovember 13, 2014November 14, 2015
After Nobuko leaves, Migi merges into Shinichi to seal the hole inside his heart, thereby saving his life. Although Shinichi gains heightened senses, he is shown to be emotionally distant as a result. Shinichi heads to the hospital after being informed that Kazuyuki is being treated there. On the way to the hospital, he meets Makiko Hayase, a student who works at a hotel near the hospital. Shinichi gets upset when Kazuyuki is told that he only suffered a head injury, in which he believes that the incident at the beach never happened. While discreetly planning to enact revenge for Nobuko's death, Shinichi stays at the hotel in the meantime. At night, Shinichi learns that Migi can no longer sense anything while napping ever since repairing his heart. The following day, as Makiko tries to flirt with Shinichi, Migi senses a Parasite at a seawall. Shinichi runs towards the end of the seawall to find out who might be responsible for Nobuko's death.
7'A Dark Night's Passing'
Transcription: 'An'ya Kōro' (Japanese: 暗夜行路)
Yūki InabaShinzō FujitaNovember 20, 2014November 21, 2015
Shinichi meets Mamoru Uda, a human who has a Parasite fused into his jawline, which saved him from being drowned after falling off a cliff. Mamoru hears the story about how Shinichi first encountered Migi and how Kazuyuki ended up in the hospital. Later, Shinichi learns that Migi scattered cells throughout his body to close the heart wound, which explains his physiological changes. When Mamoru senses Nobuko nearby at a cliff, Shinichi heads toward that direction. However, Migi falls asleep after morphing into a scythe, leaving Shinichi to fight by himself. After Mamoru fails to defeat Nobuko, Shinichi steps in and fights Nobuko alone. Shinichi leaves himself vulnerable when reminiscing about his mother, but Mamoru executes a surprise attack from behind, thereby killing Nobuko once and for all. After saying goodbye to Makiko and contemplating about Nobuko's death with Kazuyuki, Shinichi returns back to school.
8'Freezing Point'
Transcription: 'Hyōten' (Japanese: 氷点)
Koji SawaiShōji YonemuraNovember 27, 2014December 5, 2015[b]
Mitsuo finds out that Kana might have a crush on Shinichi. However, when Mitsuo tries to pick a fight with Shinichi, the former is unable to land a hit on the latter. Satomi gradually becomes wary of Shinichi, noticing something different about him, which is shown when Shinichi fails to save a dying puppy and throws it in the garbage bin. When Shinichi realizes what he has done after Satomi leaves, he decides to give the puppy a proper burial instead. At school, he encounters Hideo Shimada, a Parasite sent by Ryōko, disguised as a transfer student. However, Shinichi does not let his guard down, disbelieving Hideo to be a peaceful person. After Shinichi later saves Kana from being apprehended by Hideo, Kana reveals to Shinichi that she has the ability of telepathy, though Shinichi comments that she can sense wavelengths of something greater than she can imagine. At night, Hideo takes advantage of a girl in the streets in order to feast on her body.
9'Beyond Good and Evil'
Transcription: 'Zen'aku no Higan' (Japanese: 善悪の彼岸)
Shinichi KawamuraShinzō FujitaNovember 27, 2014December 12, 2015
Hideo continues to ponder why Shinichi sometimes cannot sense his presence nearby. Kazuyuki talks with Takizawa, the chief of police, about the Parasite that attacked Nobuko and confirms the sketch drawn by Haruki Tachikawa, a criminal profiling illustrator and Yuko's older brother. At school, Yuko witnesses Hideo getting hit by a baseball and remaining uninjured. While attempting to patch things up with Satomi, Shinichi is interrupted by Migi, who senses Hideo preparing to take on Mitsuo and his gang. Shinichi dismisses Hideo from doing so and warns the gang to leave Hideo alone. Satomi continues to question Shinichi for his change in personality, much to his annoyance. Meanwhile, Yuko discovers the secret identity of Hideo as being a Parasite after she witnesses him changing the appearance of his face. The next day, Yuko confronts Hideo in the art classroom, unaware of the risks.
10'What Mad Universe'
Transcription: 'Hakkyō-shita Uchū' (Japanese: 発狂した宇宙)
Michita ShiraishiShōji YonemuraDecember 4, 2014January 2, 2016
Before jumping out the window to safety, Yuko throws a bottle of paint thinner at Hideo, causing him to lose his mind and enter into a killing spree. Although an evacuation is initiated, seventeen victims among students, teachers and even policemen are gradually being massacred by Hideo. This prompts Shinichi to rescue Satomi and take her far away from campus. After Migi senses that Hideo is on the rooftop of the school, Shinichi travels to the rooftop of a nearby building and throws a rock across the sky, passing through Hideo's chest to kill him. In the aftermath, a board meeting takes place, where a scientist named Dr. Yui tells Takizawa about the method of plucking hair from anywhere on the body to distinguish the physiology between a human and a Parasite. Shinichi finally patches things up with Satomi after she thanks him for saving her.
11'The Blue Bird'
Transcription: 'Aoi Tori' (Japanese: 青い鳥)
Hiromichi MatanoShōji YonemuraDecember 11, 2014January 9, 2016
Shinichi hesitates to tell Kana the truth about his condition despite his physiological appearance as a normal human being. While Migi tells Shinichi in private not to reveal his condition, Satomi questions Kana concerning Shinichi's cold change in personality. A Parasite named Gotou, disguised as a male wearing gym clothing, murders a yakuza organization consisting of twenty-two armed members as part of an experiment, taking three hits in the process and taking control of a businessman afterwards to hide his identity. The next day, as Shinichi goes on a date with Satomi, he feels that a part of Migi truly has merged with him, especially when he experiences pain in his chest after seeing a mother withholding herself from slapping her disobedient child. Kana witnesses Shinichi kissing Satomi goodbye during their date. Later, Migi senses three Parasites at a mayoral campaign promoting environmentalism led by Takeshi Hirokawa, though it is unknown what he intends to do.
Transcription: 'Kokoro' (Japanese: こころ)
Chie YamashiroShōji YonemuraDecember 25, 2014January 16, 2016
Shinichi and Migi discuss possibilities as to why Hirokawa might be running for mayor. Shinichi encounters Kana, warning her to stay away from those who might be dangerous. As Shinichi and Kana meet together at an abandoned building, Shinichi reveals the truth to Kana while Migi is asleep, though she brushes it off as a joke. Later, Migi reveals to Shinichi that Kana emits a rather weak signal to other Parasites, meaning that they can also seek her out. Shinichi convinces Migi to reveal his true form when planning to meet with Kana at a train station. However, Kana uses her instincts and assumes that Shinichi will be at the abandoned building again. Instead, she finds a Parasite hosting a man, who then attacks her. The man stabs through Kana's chest just as Shinichi reaches her. Shinichi rips out the man's heart in blind rage, and Kana then dies in Shinichi's arms. After the funeral, Shinichi exhibits a calm demeanor in a time of mourning, which puts his humanity into question.
13'Hello Sadness'
Transcription: 'Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa' (Japanese: 悲しみよこんにちは)
Naoyuki KuzuyaShinzō FujitaJanuary 8, 2015January 23, 2016
The newly elected mayor Hirokawa has a board meeting with Reiko Tamura, previously Ryōko Tamiya before giving birth to her son, concerning the incident dealing with Kana's death, and Reiko is put in charge of investigating Shinichi's involvement in the matter. Reiko, hiring a private investigator named Shiro Kuramori, arranges for a group of thugs to attack Shinichi in hopes of exploiting Shinichi's right hand, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Yuko tells Satomi about Shinichi's indifference to Kana's death, which unsettles Satomi. At night, Shiro follows Shinichi, who returns to the abandoned building and wishes to mourn for Kana's death. After Shiro discovers Migi, the latter attempts to kill the former, but Shinichi restrains Migi from doing so and allows Shiro to escape. The next day, Migi finds footage of Shinichi left behind from Shiro's camera, making Shinichi believe that he is being targeted as a lab rat. In the evening, Shinichi meets with Satomi at a playground, where he hesitates to tell her the truth, which drives a deeper wedge between them.
14'The Selfish Gene'
Transcription: 'Rikoteki na Idenshi' (Japanese: 利己的な遺伝子)
Koji SawaiShōji YonemuraJanuary 15, 2015January 30, 2016
Shinichi reunites Mamoru to come up a plan to capture and interrogate Shiro. Meanwhile, Reiko finds it hard to believe that Shiro was attacked by Migi, despite already knowing about Shinichi's right hand. Shinichi and Mamoru bring Shiro to the abandoned building, where Shinichi explains the truth to Shiro. When Shiro questions why Shinichi has not made any sacrifices for humanity, Migi threatens Shiro, saying that Shinichi already suffered enough thus far. Shiro is shocked when Migi reveals that Reiko is actually a Parasite. The next day, Shinichi meets with Reiko at the roof of a university, where they discuss about the coexistence between humans and Parasites. When Reiko taunts Shinichi about Nobuko's death, the unbearable pain in his chest causes him to run away from the area. Shinichi chances upon a fortune teller, who says that he must find the person who put a hole in his heart to achieve closure, but he laughs at the fact that he killed that person, his mother.
15'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
Transcription: 'Nanika ga Michi o Yattekuru' (Japanese: 何かが道をやって来る)
Tōru Ishida
Kenichi Kawamura
Shinzō FujitaJanuary 22, 2015February 6, 2016
Hirokawa has been securing 'dining areas' for the Parasites who are a part of his cabal. Shiro brings Shinichi and Migi to the basement of a parking garage, where they soon witness Kawada, a Parasite hosting a man, murdering an innocent woman right in front of them. Shiro records video footage of Shinichi and Migi eventually defeating Kawada in an intense battle. However, Shiro decides to get rid of all the video footage after seeing a Parasite in action firsthand, commenting that Shinichi is no longer a human being. Because of this, Shinichi vows to kill these Parasites one by one. Meanwhile, Hirokawa sees Shinichi as a threat due to the parking garage incident, later enlisting Gotou to dispose of Shinichi. While at school, Migi detects three Parasites coming with the intention of killing Shinichi. While running for his life, Shinichi is dismayed when Migi falls asleep. To make matters worse, Miki, another Parasite sent by Hirokawa, manages to catch up to Shinichi in the middle of the road. Shinichi and Migi are alarmed to find that the three Parasites all share the body of Miki.
16'Happy Family'
Transcription: 'Kōfuku na Katei' (Japanese: 幸福な家庭)
Yūki InabaShōji YonemuraJanuary 29, 2015February 13, 2016
Shinichi and Migi work together to decapitate Miki by heading into the woods, but they learn that Miki is a part of Gotou, revealing that he is actually composed of five Parasites, each hosting the limbs and the head. Shinichi flees due to this disadvantage and manages to ward off Gotou with Migi's help. Outside a restaurant, Shinichi contacts Kazuyuki, warning him to leave the house because he might be targeted. Meanwhile, Shiro is traumatized when his office was burned and his family was killed by Kusano, Hikawa and Maesawa, who are three members of Hirokawa's cabal. Shiro is interrogated by a detective named Hirama concerning what has happened. Kusano, Hikawa and Maesawa do not trust Reiko, who sees the human race much stronger than realized. At night, Shiro discreetly follows Reiko, who is soon surrounded by Kusano, Hikawa and Maesawa.
17'The Adventure of the Dying Detective'
Transcription: 'Hinshi no Tantei' (Japanese: 瀕死の探偵)
Hiromichi MatanoShinzō FujitaFebruary 5, 2015February 20, 2016
At a municipal construction site, Reiko deals with Kusano, Hikawa and Maesawa, secreting a fragment of herself as a distraction to defeat them separately. When Reiko comes home, she realizes that her son has been kidnapped by Shiro, who left a note to meet him at the park, prompting her to contact Shinichi to meet her there as well. Satomi, worrying about Shinichi, tries to follow Reiko, but loses track of her. When Reiko arrives at the park, Shiro threatens to harm her son, since he sees her as a coldblooded monster. However, as Shiro attempts to drop her son over the railing, Reiko stabs Shiro and retrieves her son before Shiro falls over the railing. Shiro passes away when Hirama manages to find him. As it begins to snow, Shinichi finally meets face-to-face with Reiko.
18'More Than Human'
Transcription: 'Ningen Ijō' (Japanese: 人間以上)
Chie YamashiroShōji YonemuraFebruary 12, 2015February 27, 2016
Reiko talks about how the Parasites and humans are one and the same, much to Shinichi's disagreement. Hirama and his men arrive on the scene, repeatedly shooting at Reiko after spotting her as a Parasite. Reiko approaches Shinichi and entrusts him with her son before she dies. After he watches Reiko die as a mother rather than as a Parasite, Shinichi finally mourns for her death, proving that he is still human inside. Satomi is happy to see Shinichi back to his normal self after witnessing this. In an attempt to discover the truth, Hirama uses Uragami, a human convict who can discern Parasites, and lures Shinichi into an interrogation room.
19'In Cold Blood'
Transcription: 'Reiketsu' (Japanese: 冷血)
Michita ShiraishiShōji YonemuraFebruary 19, 2015March 5, 2016
Uragami does not detect anything inhuman deep in Shinichi's eyes, much to Hirama's shock. In a meeting, Hirama suggests to police officer Yamagishi about using Uragami in an upcoming tactical operation to take down the Parasites, though Yamagishi considers this operation as 'pest control'. Shinichi makes record time on the running track during physical education class. When he later talks with Satomi, he is approached by Hirama, who recruits him to participate in the operation. Thanks to a previous conversation with Migi, Shinichi advises Yamagishi to use a flamethrower as the primary weapon of combat. During the operation, Yamagishi and his squad evacuate civilians from the town hall, using high-tech equipment to scout out the Parasites among the humans.
20'Crime and Punishment'
Transcription: 'Tsumi to Batsu' (Japanese: 罪と罰)
Koji SawaiShinzō FujitaFebruary 26, 2015March 12, 2016
As the evacuation continues, the civilians panic when a Parasite hosting a girl damages the high-tech equipment from the outside. Yamagishi and his squad start sacrificing human lives inside the lobby to shoot down the Parasites, which gives Takeshi and his cabal the opportunity to slip away. As Yamagishi's squad branch out to the other floors of the town hall to kill more Parasites, Shinichi sits idly by, worried about the operation. Some squad members hit a wall when encountering Gotou, who easily absorbs and deflects the bullets shot at him. Other squad members storm the auditorium, where Hirokawa is there waiting for them.
21'Sex and Spirit'
Transcription: 'Sei to Sei' (Japanese: 性と聖)
Tōru IshidaShōji YonemuraMarch 5, 2015March 19, 2016
Hirokawa blames the humans to be the infection of the earth, since they cannot accept the Parasites to live among them. After he is shot to death by the squad members, he is revealed to be a human and not a Parasite. Uragami makes his escape after shooting Hirama's partner Katsumata. Gotou eventually wipes out all the squad members inside the town hall. Yamagishi is beheaded by Gotou on the roof of the town hall. Gotou meets Shinichi outside and vows to kill him before leaving. The next day, Shinchi skips school but is driven into despair, imagining Gotou's face on everyone he encounters while on the streets. Shinichi breaks down when Satomi visits him outside his house, and he runs away. She later finds him at the playground and invites him to her house. They make love to each other, which renews his will to survive.
22'Quiescence and Awakening'
Transcription: 'Sei to Sei' (Japanese: 静と醒)
Naoyuki KuzuyaShōji YonemuraMarch 12, 2015March 26, 2016
Shinichi and Migi attempt to kill Gotou by crashing into him when driving off a cliff, but to no avail. They then try to ambush Gotou in a forest, in which Migi separates from Shinichi for a surprise attack. Migi sacrifices himself to allow Shinichi to escape, leaving Shinichi heartbroken. Shinichi is taken in by an old woman named Mitsuyo, who lets him stay at her house for a few days. Nearby villagers inform Mitsuyo that another villager was killed, in which Shinichi realizes that Gotou was behind this. Shinichi decides to confront Gotou on his own, but Mitsuyo tells him to avoid throwing his life away. After Mitsuyo accepts that Shinichi is still determined to risk himself, she sends him off with a cleaver and wishes him good luck.
23'Life and Oath'
Transcription: 'Sei to Sei' (Japanese: 生と誓)
Hiromichi MatanoShōji YonemuraMarch 19, 2015April 2, 2016
Shinichi wakes Gotou up from his sleep when trying to attack him. However, Shinichi is definitely no match against Gotou. Despite not seeing any chance to win, Shinichi still does not give up, soon managing to pierce Gotou with a metal pipe from a dump site. When Gotou attempts to strike Shinichi, a fragment of Migi emerges from Shinichi's right arm and counters the blow, reuniting with the rest of himself absorbed by Gotou. Infected with toxins from the metal pipe, the other Parasites in Gotou's body reject his brain, allowing Migi to destroy the body. However, as Gotou's body tries to regenerate, Shinichi is left with the decision between preserving or destroying Gotou's body. While initially deciding to let Gotou live, he is convinced by Migi to destroy Gotou's body for the sake of humanity.
Transcription: 'Kiseijū' (Japanese: 寄生獣)
Chie YamashiroShōji YonemuraMarch 26, 2015April 9, 2016
One year later, the mincemeat murders have stopped occurring. In a dream, Shinichi is saddened when Migi bids him farewell, not long before bringing up memories of his deceased loved ones. While on a date with Satomi, Shinichi contemplates on how it is contradictory for humanity to love the earth without loving themselves. Later, Uragami appears and abducts Satomi, taking her to the roof of a building. When Shinichi catches up to them, Uragami explains how humanity is filled with monsters, commenting that Shinichi is halfway between the humans and the Parasites. However, Satomi expresses that she finally understands Shinichi as a person. As Uragami throws Satomi over the ledge, Shinichi knocks him out but fails to save her. Migi appears in Shinichi's mind and tells him that he should do the holding now. Shinichi finds his right hand holding Satomi's left hand. As he pulls her up to safety, he thanks Migi for still being there and coming back to help him.


  1. ^On October 31, 2015, Adult Swim ran an Akame ga Kill! marathon on Halloween where they played episodes 4-8 and show extra episodes of 9-11 due to Daylight Savings.[8] The English dub of Episode 5 aired on Adult Swim on November 7.
  2. ^On the broadcast night of November 29, 2015, Adult Swim hosted a marathon where they played the first seven episodes of the show.[9] The English dub of Episode 8 aired on Adult Swim on December 5.


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