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Oct 04, 2013  You don’t have to be a good singer to have a music career — just ask anyone on our list of 15 terrible live performers. Before you go on though, turn down the volume on your PC and grab a pen. Jul 26, 2017 Auto-Tune can certainly sound tacky and unpleasant at times, and, in some situations, it’s utterly superfluous. Yet, like anything, when it’s used with subtlety and ingenuity, it can imbue a track with a compelling, unique, and undefinable sound. Here are a few examples of artists tastefully using Auto-Tune and why it works. Nearly 10 years since the release of T-Pain's 'I'm Sprung,' we take a look at the best Auto-Tune songs of the past five years. Install sfml dev c++. In which Auto-Tune was used well. Since then, artists like Kanye. Feb 27, 2013  Auto-Tune certainly isn’t the only robot voice effect to have wormed its way into pop music. In the ‘70s and early ‘80s, voice synthesizer effects units became popular with a lot of bands. Jan 20, 2017  Are these the worst singers who made it big? Plenty of artists. His ability to sing seemingly bothers him enough to make sure the autotune is always set to full. And that's fine for a man.

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Let€™s be honest: 90% of popular artists working today use auto-tune in some capacity. Modern listeners are so accustomed to hearing pitch-perfect voices and flawlessly rendered instrumental arrangements that anyone who doesn€™t employ auto-tune and other digital touch-ups during the production stages of their music might as well take themselves out of the competition. We€™ve come to associate 'perfect' records with professionalism, and any artist hoping to score radio airplay needs to play by that unrealistic set of rules. Still, there€™s a difference between artists who use digital tools to polish their sound and artists whose songs are entirely built from computer wizardry. Someone like Adele may hire expensive music producers to make her songs sound 'professional,' but you know she€™s got chops from the way she wails at live shows. However for every Adele who can back up the studio albums in the live arena, many other artists use auto-tune and digitisation because they have no musical chops to speak of. These computerised tools have made it possible for just about anyone to make a hit song, but there€™s a catch: you can usually spot someone overusing them from a mile away. Indeed, when auto-tune is overused, songs go from sounding like music to something more akin to a carnival attraction. It€™s a phenomenon that has taken the human factor out of quite a few hit songs, and a trend that has us wondering exactly which artists out there have officially stopped being people and now resemble simple computer programs? From out-of-this-world robot bands to artistically bankrupt hit-making machines, we hope you€™ll enjoy our list.

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