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Computer Music and ToneBoosters have announced Barricade CM, a mastering limiter effect which is included on the cover DVD of CM199.

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Our latest plugin is Barricade CM, a mastering-grade limiter created especially for Computer Music by ToneBoosters and based on their excellent full commercial Barricade limiter.

Barricade CM is included as a free plugin in the latest issue of Computer Music magazine. You can purchase the issue online for £2.99 via Zinio(it is also available on Apple Newsstand and Google Play).

The plugin is based on the full version of TB Barricade by ToneBoosters. The CM version of TB Barricade lacks the “auto saturate” stage and the variable lookahead control functionality of the full product. It is fully functional in all other aspects and based on the same limiting and compression algorithms as the standard version of TB Barricade.

An older version of Barricade is available on Jeroen Breebaart’s old website(I actually had to search for the page on atchive.org). Although the newer versions of the plugin include several significant improvements, the old Barricade is still one of the best freeware limiters in the world.

  • For general information on CM Plugins and how to get them, see the CM Plugins FAQ.To get the latest CM Plugins pack, get the latest issue of Computer Music. Freestyle CM. Host your CM Plugins with this VST/AU plugin chainer.
  • ToneBoosters Barricade CM - MAC & WiN ToneBoosters Barricade CM - MAC & WiN DOWNLOAD @ Spoiler:httplimelinx.comdeqgi Barricade CM is included as a free plugin in the latest issue of Com. A Note: If you want to remove the CM-Logo from your TB Barricade CM just mouse click on the AU or VST Show Package Contents Contents Resources.
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By purchasing the latest issue of Computer Music, you will gain access to the complete CM Studio collection of VST/AU plugins for Windows and Mac. The collection features a great suite of free instruments and effects, all of which are exclusive to the magazine (they can’t be downloaded anywhere else). Grab your copy of the magazine and register it at CM Vault to gain access to your free download!

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Video Demo

ToneBoosters' Barricade 4 provides a really great sound, and used in auto clean mode it almost doesn’t saturate at all on a drum loop which I use to test all limiters –. Dec 30, 2015  FREE VST/AU de-esser: Toneboosters Sibalance CM. By Computer Music (Computer Music) 30 December 2015. For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system. The full TB Sibalance is a fully-featured de-esser that allows you to customise every aspect of harshness reduction, including compression features.

Tb Barricade Com Free Download

Check out the Barricade CM demo video:


Tb Barricade Cm Vst Download Free

Computer Music #199: click here

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