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It’s no secret that Fender has changed the music industry as we know it with the Rhodes pianos.

Jan 10, 2013  Free Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack. The Fender Rhodes is one of the most well known electric keyboards of all time. Unfortunately adding one to your collection will set you back a pretty penny. What's more is that lugging one around to the gig is another nuisance many of us. MrRay73 by GSi (@KVRAudio Product Listing): MrRay SeventyThree is a Rhodes Mark I emulation. This version of MrRay is characterized by a series of imperfections introduced in order to capture, with the highest possible fidelity, the sound of a Mark I. There are mallet noises, wooden noises, metallic artifacts and changes of volume for each single note. Also, the lower notes have a particular.

That warm, smooth and velvety tone of the Rhodes are something you can’t find in other electronic keyboards.

If you have been looking for plugins that emulate the beautiful sound of the Fender Rhodes series, then look no further.

We will discuss here the Top 5 choices that allow you to produce that legendary sound.

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Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or insights on the products mentioned. Enjoy the article!

Addictive Keys Mark One

This VST Plugin truly brings out the warm and fresh tones of the Fender. The master of all electric pianos is played through a vintage tube combo amp and recorded by rare vintage mics for a wonderful sound quality. The tone goes from levelled delightful caress to a powerful, crunchy sound in a matter of time.

Although the instrument’s line output can be recorded directly as well, it is usually played through an amplifier to add some crunch and appeal.

Recording with vintage microphones placed both close and far, turned the amp both close-up and with natural ambience. To add diversity, depth and richness, three mics were put next to the speaker; a tube condenser, a ribbon microphone and a dynamic.

Depth and feel were added to the recordings using one floor and one room microphone setup.

Two line signals were also recorded along with the acoustic recordings: One straight through high-voltage DI box and another through the characteristic Roland Dimension D analogue stereo chorus.

Addictive Keys work as a cybernetic instrument organized exclusively in your host music software. It supports all of the key plug-in formats: RTAS (32 bit), AAX (64 bit) and VST & AU (32 and 64-bit).


EZKeys is a suite of three piano sets; Grand Piano, Upright, and Classic Electric, EZKeys is one of the best VST Plugins out there.

Its Grand Piano comprises of a Steinway and Sons model D grand piano, and the Upright sound library is a wisely sampled Östlind & Almquist piano, noted to precision in a world-class recording studio while using only the finest old-fashioned and contemporary recording equipment.

EZkeys Classic Electrics gives you two of the world’s most crucial and characteristic electric pianos, the Wurlitzer 200A and the Rhodes Mk. I.

Bagged in meticulous detail through top of the line gear, the Classic Electrics libraries combine unrivalled playability with world-class sounds, making them just as impeccable for the stage as the studio.

This plugin suite offers the greatest sound of Fender Rhodes Mk. I and far more with its Grand Piano and Upright libraries.

Velvet 2

Velvet is a practical electronic piano that combines five renowned electric pianos from the 60s and 70s into one versatile instrument.

Centered on the Fender Rhodes MK I and MK II Stage Pianos, Wurlitzer 200A, Fender Rhodes Suitcase, and Hohner Pianet-T, Velvet accurately imitates the response, tones, and sound quality of each unique instrument to bring your piano tracks to life.

Furthermore, it provides a number of onboard effects and allows you to regulate every aspect of the sound for unmatched realism,

Tune up the tube drive panels in the preamp section to warm up your tone, fine-tune the timbre, velocity curve, and dynamic reaction to modify the playing feel, and blend in the sound of the pedal and additional keyboard mechanical noises to refashion a genuine electric piano track.

Velvet also features a collection of effects and a built-in preamp to add crux, feel, or tremolo to your electric piano track.

Its potent preamp section comprises of compression, tube overdrive, and a conventional 3-band EQ with a parametric mid band to build your sound.

You can develop your sounds more by using an extensive range of chorus, wah filter, distortion, flanger, tape delay, and phaser effects to emulate an outmoded sound or create something completely fresh.

Velvet contains 350+ skilled presets accurately programmed by AIR Music Technology’s sound designers. You can even build your own distinctive presets by dialing up on Velvet’s amazing controls.

DSK RhodeZ

RhodeZ by DSK is an open Piano Synth grounded on the Fender Rhodes. It has six Rhodes variants; Low, High, Suitcase High, Suitcase Low, Dry, and Fender Rhodes.

It’s a rompler VST tool with a built-in velocity response. It also gives choice with a micro-detuner and an amp cover. With three FX and HP/LP Filter; Chorus, Reverb, and Flanger it offers with a lot of possibilities.

For a no-cost plugin, the RhodeZ sounds truly remarkable and warm like the original Rhodes series. If you are looking for a free way out for your Fender fetish, this is the solution.

Lounge Lizard EP-4

Lounge Lizard EP-4 is an electric piano synthesizer plug-in providing authentic Wurltizer and Rhodes sound in an all-you-need package.

Lounge Lizard attains resounding electric piano tones with less than twenty synth parameters.

That’s truly amazing but pushed further; these parameters also reveal a score of other tones. Bells, organs, leads, and chimes are all included in the preset library’s Experimental folder.

The entirely new factory library features the classic Wurlitzer and Rhodes sounds as well as over 200 gig and mix-set custom electric pianos making good usage of the equalizer, compressor, and multi-effect processor.

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All these plugins provide with an authentic Rhodes sound, an easy-to-use UI, and a horde of filters and FX to help you make your piano pieces sound amazing and just the way you want them to sound.

We recommend all these plugins with your discretion on how well these different plugins fit your need.

Let us know which plugin is your favorite in the comment section below!


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The famous Fender Rhodes Mark II stage 73 electric piano!
Essential if you plan to do funk-jazz, deep house, or any soulul music.
The Rhodes keys can be heard on countless tracks, from Herbie Hancock to Stevie Wonder, the Doors & Ray Charles, Chick corea & JojoLapin.

It’s funky, soulful, deep, smooth, jazzy, lounge, groovy.
Here are the best FREE VST emulations of the e-piano:

1. MrRay73 & MrRay22 VST by Guido Scognamiglio

MrRay 2.2 ! rhodes 4 ever

These two VSTi are donationware.
and they are pure synthesis, no sample involved.
The sound is very good, Mr Ray 73 VST gives you that funky feeling when you play it.
Mr Ray 22 has more parameters and some good classic effects : a chorus, a wah wah, a tremolo/autopan, a distortion and a stereo delay.

Rhodes Vst Free Download Mp3

Mr Ray Charles:

stormy !

straight Rhodes e-piano

soft deep house chords

Rhodes piano through wah wah effect!

2. MDA ePiano

Based on a small but clever wavetable, the antique MDA ePiano still sounds fresh in 2014!
and since MDA plugins became open source, you can also find version for Mac & Linux, and also 64 bit versions => http://sourceforge.net/projects/mda-vst/files/mda-vst/mda-vst-src 20100214/

MDA ePiano VST is simple & effective, of course it’s more limited than Mr Ray, but sounds great!

riders on the storm!

Ray Charles – Shake a Tail Feather

Rhodes Vst Download

3. EP-Station VST by Big Tick audio

EP station : more groovy keys

A very nice FM modeled electric piano. EP-station is now freeware.
The plugin is not a straight emulation of a Rhodes piano.
It can also do the ” DX 7 e-piano “, the famous FM piano as heard on 95% of the pop / ballad / tv show theme / etc. tracks produced between 1983 & 1989.
The EP-station also features a chorus & a phaser effect.

smooth sound for deep house

phased Fender Rhodes !

ultra smooth Deep house Rhodes+phaser

FM pop piano ! the sound of the 80’s

4. 4Front R-Piano VST

Based on samples, but not only, this emulation gives you a clean sound.
It comes for Windows 32 & 64 bit, and Mac OS X.
4Front R-piano also include a reverb.

soft e-piano for lounge house

plucked style

5. LazySnake VST by Andreas Ersson

Lazy Snake VST

Back to a 100% synthesis emulation !
The Lazy Snake electric piano gives you this lounge and mellow sound.
The synth is easy to tweak, and you have a tremolo + wah wah effect.
It’s not really a Rhodes piano emulation, but it’s perfect for deep house chord.

soft clean deep house chord

wah wah effect!

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Ray Charles shake a snake

6. Orange Lounge 2004A by StarrFish Lab

A funky japanese VSTi , created with Synthdit.
It’s not a Rhodes MK2 emulation, but it’s also groovy, and well suited for that deep house feeling.
We can feel the FM modulation but it’s nice!

pretty hard tremolo effect for this e-piano

funky !!

7. SFZ + Learjeff jRhodes3 soundfont

SFZ+ soundfont player

SFZ+ + Learjeff Rhodes soundfont

There are some nice free Rhodes multisample bank around the interweb. So you can pick your favorite sf2 capable VST player and load a Rhodes piano soundfont into it!
Here i choosed the SFZ+ player by RGCAudio and the jRhodes sf2 , that’s the best combo!

Best Free Rhodes Vst

(november 17 2014 update !!)

8. RhodyMK1 by Wahnsyn

A Synthedit VST plugin from Plugindex German website : it has a clean sound, i think it’s based on a soundfont / wav bank. It’s very usable. Unlike the other “classic” emulations, it features a vibrato effect instead of a tremolo effect, it’s strange but that makes unusual sounds!

9. Clavia Lab by Simple Media

Clavia Lab VST

This plugin is intended for e-piano sounds and also organ and clavinet / harpsichord sounds.

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