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IK Multimedia has announced that Miroslav Philharmonik Classik EditionDev c++ descargar 2019. , the introductory version to the Miroslav Philharmonik orchestral plug-in, is now shipping. Based on the classic Miroslav Orchestra sample collection, Miroslav Philharmonik CE is a complete and full-featured orchestral instrument, at a more affordable price point, covering solo instruments and ensembles with 250 orchestral sounds spanning the entire orchestra in 1.5GB of samples.

Miroslav Philharmonik CE offers almost the same instrument range as the full-version product, but with fewer articulations and performance patches, at a much lower price. This makes Miroslav Philharmonik CE ideal for users that approach an orchestra module for the first time.
Miroslav Philharmonik CE Features:

  • 16 part multi-timbral sample-based orchestral workstation.
  • 250 sounds totaling 1.5GB of samples.
  • 20 DSP effects.
  • 4 Insert effects instrument.
  • 4 Master effects with separate sends.
  • High-quality master reverb derived from CSR.
  • Multiple synth engines including STRETCH and Pitch-Shift/Time-Stretch.
  • Zone feature for accurate single sample editing.
  • Full MIDI control of performance parameters.
  • Part preset and Combi preset customization features.
  • 256 notes polyphony.

Philharmonik Classik Edition Vst Download Torrent

Miroslav Philharmonik Classik Edition is available for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary in stand-alone, VST, AU and RTAS formats. It has an MSRP $249/€199 (tax excluded) and is available from IK Multimedia and its dealer/distributor network.

Philharmonik Classik Edition Vst Download Mac

Available as a VST, RTAS, AU plug-in (as well as a standalone application) for Mac OS X and Windows from the same box. Miroslav Philharmonik Classik Edition Orchestra Module - One of the best bangs-for-the-buck in orchestral samples! Add a touch of the sublime to your next composition. Registered users of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 can now download a new free Concert Harp instrument collection (3 GB) that sounds beautifully lush both in an arrangement and on its own.

It is based on the ClassiK Studio Reverb plug-in and provides a simple interface and large lush sound. CSReverb is a single Preset Reverb, and only “Time” is adjustable as a Reverb parameter. Miroslav Philharmonik allows individual sound user presets to be saved as additional patches.

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