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Infected Mushroom Manipulator (Win)

The fastest and most transparent Vocal Tuning, trusted by multi-grammy award artists around the World. We use the latest technology to craft a vocal performance to perfection, using the most advanced software like Revoice Pro, Melodyne, Elastic Audio, Auto Tune, iZotope Nectar and Waves Tune. Our ears and knowledge will make the difference. Mar 15, 2017  In this week's plugin of the week, Echo Sound Works checks out Manipulator. A vocal transforming processor that can do some truly crazy things! Manipulator - Infected Mushroom / Polyverse. 3.Antares Auto-Tune EFX & EVO Vocal Suite (WIN) Rated 4.95 out of 5. Polyverse Music – Infected Mushroom Manipulator. Rated 5.00 out of 5.

June 3, 2019EffectsEQMasteringMixingTOP 10VocalsVSTWindows17
  • Infected Mushroom Manipulator
  • Polyverse
  • Jun/2019 – V1.3
  • 64-bit (VST, VST3, AAX)
  • Windows: 7,8 and 10
  • Instructions: Attached
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Year / Date of Issue : 05.2018
Version : 1.0.3
Developer : Polyverse Music
Developer’s website : Polyverse Music
Format : VST, AAX * (* MOD.)
Bit depth : 32bit, 64bit
Tabletka : cured
System requirements : Supports VST / AAX plug-in formats

Jul 29, 2019  In this roundup, we go over the best pitch correction plugins and software including AutoTune, Melodyne, Nectar Pitch Editor and Waves Tune. This stripped-down version of Auto-Tune is exactly what it sounds like, it is a tool to get the AutoTune effect made popular by Cher, T-Pain and most-recently Future and the Migos. 6 Best Free Auto Tune Software for Windows. KeroVee is a free Auto Tune software for Windows. It works with both Audacity and Wavosaur. This is actually a pitch correction plugin. Gsnap is another free Auto Tune VST that works with both Audacity and Wavosaur. Auto-tune program mac. 6 Best Autotune Softwares. The best autotune software works its magic on audio bits, transforming them into sweet sounding melodies. These sorts of programs have been around the music industry for quite a while now, helping artists sound pitch perfect. Oct 29, 2019  13 of the Best Autotune VST Plugins (Free & Paid) 1) Antares Auto-Tune Pro (Paid) Auto-Tune is the original pitch correction software. It’s so popular that its name is synonymous and is more of. 2) Steinberg VariAudio — Cubase Pro (Paid) 3) Celemony Melodyne (Paid) 4) Waves Tune (Paid) 5) Waves.

Description : Manupulator is a vocal processor that processes voice with 10 unique effects of pitch-coding and changing the timbre. Development was the second release of musicians in conjunction with the company Polyverse Music. The previous joint release was the plug-in I Wish.
Polyverse Music Manipulator can change the sound of vocals and melodic instruments beyond recognition. You can use the plug-in as a separate effect, or as a virtual instrument when playing on a MIDI controller. Manipulator transforms the natural sound of vocals into spatial choruses, granular textures, robotic speech, etc. By the way, the musicians of Infected Mushroom used Manipulator while recording their last single “Nutmeg”.
The principle of Polyverse Music Manipulator is based on 5 effects: rhythm, harmonic shift, formant shift, granulation and frequency-modulation changes in sound. For more space while working with vocals, the plug-in has its own section of additional effects, consisting of a detiner, a stereo expander, a glider and other instruments.
Thanks to excellent work in real time, the plug-in can be used at concerts, which is useful not only for vocalists, but also for various musicians. The user can change the performance of interesting parts using a link from the Manipulator and the MIDI controller. The plug-in supports playback of up to 4 sounds at the same time and can change harmonies “on the fly.”


Bend and sculpt your sounds into new ones
Alter timbre and pitch of vocals and instruments
10 Different effects with endless combinations
Change melodies of existing performances
Create harmonies with up to 4 polyphonic voices
Extensive modular capabilities
Real-time processing for live performance

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Supports VST / AU / AAX plug-in formats

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