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I just installed the latest and greatest - it's up to 4.7.8. I was talking about the GCC version, not the MinGW version. I doubt that MinGW has GCC version 4.7.8, since they would need to have a time-machine a go a couple of years into the future to get that version (if it ever will exist, since GCC versions usually end at 3-4 minor revisions). Why can't I use conio.h functions like clrsrc? Because conio.h is not part of the C standard. It is a Borland extension, and works only with Borland compilers (and perhaps some other commercial compilers). Dev-C uses GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection, as it's compiler.GCC is originally a UNIX compiler, and aims for portability and standards-compliance. Dev C linker errors, undefined reference Home. Programming Forum. You may need to add the file containing the definition the linker needs. Mar 03, 2020 Dev-C is a fully featured graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that uses the MinGw compiler system to create Windows as well as Console based C/C applications. It can also be used with any other GCC-based compiler like Cygwin. Dev-C is free software and is distributed under the GNU General Public License. Jul 16, 2009 The essential step in compiling and running a C program that contains OpenGL and GLUT functions is to tell the linker where the libraries are. This is done by clicking Project/Project Options/Parameters/Add Library or Options and then navigating to the libraries you need to include: libopengl32.a, libglu32.a, and libglut32.a.

Hi all!
I'm at work - newly hired:) - and I'm given this mpeg2 video codec

and in particular the decoder that exists in the folder
It is code c written for gcc, so I decided to download MinGW and DevC/C++. I add all the files to the project and then clicked compile.Compilation always stops though because of errors with the linker:


[Linker error] undefined reference to `__cpu_features_init'
140:8 C:MPEGORG_CODECsrcmpeg2decspatscal.c ld returned 1 exit status

:'( I am trying to solve this problem the whole day.I tried rebuild all, clean, compile, with all possible combinations but nothing worked.
I noticed though while googling a lot of links reporting linker errors with dev-c++.

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I am just started learning C and C++ and I feel very discouraged..:(
Anybody any idea?

How To Add Linker In Dev C Online

compilation log is attached.

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Ancient Dragon5,243

That error means it can not find the function cpu_features_init() in any of the file it compiled or in any of the libraries it is trying to link.

How Linkers Work

Check out those warnings -- they might actually be errors which are causing that link problem.

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