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C/C++ support for Visual Studio Code is provided by a Microsoft C/C++ extension to enable cross-platform C and C++ development on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Getting started

C/C++ compiler and debugger

The C/C++ extension does not include a C++ compiler or debugger. You will need to install these tools or use those already installed on your computer.

Dev C Beautifier Code

Popular C++ compilers are:

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  • GCC on Linux
  • GCC via Mingw-w64 on Windows
  • Microsoft C++ compiler on Windows
  • Clang for XCode on macOS

Make sure your compiler executable is in your platform path so the extension can find it. You can check availability of your C++ tools by opening the Integrated Terminal (⌃` (Windows, Linux Ctrl+`)) in VS Code and try running the executable (for example g++ --help).

Install the Microsoft C/C++ extension

  1. Open VS Code.
  2. Click the Extensions view icon on the Sidebar (⇧⌘X (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+X)).
  3. Search for c++.
  4. Click Install.

Hello World tutorials

Get started with C++ and VS Code with Hello World tutorials for your environment:

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Dev C++ For Windows 10

You can find more documentation on using the Microsoft C/C++ extension under the C++ section, where you'll find topics on:

Remote Development

VS Code and the C++ extension support Remote Development allowing you to work over SSH on a remote machine or VM, inside a Docker container, or in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

To install support for Remote Development:

  1. Install the VS Code Remote Development Extension Pack.
  2. If the remote source files are hosted in WSL, use the Remote - WSL extension.
  3. If you are connecting to a remote machine with SSH, use the Remote - SSH extension.
  4. If the remote source files are hosted in a container (for example, Docker), use the Remote - Containers extension.


If you run into any issues or have suggestions for the Microsoft C/C++ extension, please file issues and suggestions on GitHub. If you haven't already provided feedback, please take this quick survey to help shape this extension for your needs.

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