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Lesson 18 – AutoFocus Fine Tuning (Back Focus and Front Focus) By easyexposure August 9, 2012 - 3:58 am February 2, 2014 Photography Lessons In this photography lesson I will show you a simple method of testing auto focus in your camera, see if you have front or back focusing problem and how to do an AF fine tuning. If it appears that sharpness is centered on the focus point, great, your lens’ focus is accurate and you’re good to go. If not, continue reading. Step 11 – To adjust the autofocus fine tune go to: MenuSetup menuAF fine-tuneAF fine-tune (On/Off) and turn it on. Go back and select Saved value. Feb 19, 2013  Fellow FM member snapsy has developed DotTune: a free and fast method for fine-tuning the autofocus on your lenses. 'Unlike existing methods, with DotTune you don't need to take test photographs at multiple AF tune values to find the best tune value.

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Follow the steps below to fine-tune autofocus. Note that fine-tuning applies only with phase-detection AF (viewfinder AF) and is not available during live view. You may have difficulty focusing at infinity or at the minimum focus distance while fine-tuning is in effect.

1 Select AF fine-tune.

Highlight AF fine‐tune in the setup menu and press .

2 Select AF fine-tune (On/Off).

The AF fine‐tune (On/Off) option in the AF fine-tune menu is used to turn AF fine-tuning on or off. Highlight AF fine-tune (On/Off) and press .

3 Select On.

Highlight AF Fine-tune(On/Off) and press to enable AF fine-tuning for all saved lenses and return to the AF fine-tune menu (to disable AF fine-tuning, select Off).

4 Select Saved value.

To fine-tune focus for the current lens, highlight Saved value and press .

5 Select a value.

Fine Tune Chicago

Select positive values to shift the focal point for autofocus away from the camera, negative values to shift it towards the camera.

The camera can store values for up to 20 lenses; to fine-tune additional lenses, attach them and repeat the steps above. Note that fine-tuning values are stored by lens name (focal length and maximum aperture) and that only one value can be stored per name, although values recorded with teleconverters attached are saved separately. To delete previously-saved values, select List saved values, highlight the desired lens, and press .

Auto Focus Fine Tune Target Arrows

Checking Focus

Photograph the target as described in “Setup” and check focus (if the effect is hard to see in the camera monitor, transfer the picture to a computer, where it can be viewed at higher resolution). Adjust fine-tuning in the desired direction and repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results. Before each shot, change the focus distance by a large amount prior to engaging autofocus.

Other Options

The options in the AF fine-tune menu can also be used for the tasks below.

Storing Values for Additional Lenses

Fine-tuning values for additional CPU lenses can be added using the DefaultFree vocal rider plugin mac. option as described under 'Fine-Tuning'.

Managing Previously-Saved Values

To view previously-saved values, select List saved values in the AF fine-tune menu.

Lenses are listed by focus distance and maximum aperture, and can also be assigned an identifier as described below. To delete a lens from the list, highlight it and press .

To distinguish them from other lenses with similar names (or, if you own multiple lenses of the same type, to identify the particular lens used for fine-tuning), lenses can be assigned unique two-digit identifiers.
Highlight a lens in the saved values list and press to display the lens identifier. Press or to choose an identifier and press to save changes and exit.

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