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If you like to mix music using GarageBand, than you know that is a good entry-level multi-track recorder with a very intuitive interface. What you might not know is, you use it to make your voice have that auto tune sound you here in a lot of popular music.

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The auto tune effect is great in R&B, Hip Hop, and maybe even Pop music. Your imagination is the limit when you're working with vocal effects. With the large selection of royalty-free loops that come with GarageBand, there is a lot you can do if you're an indie musician. Using auto tune is surprisingly simple, it only takes a few steps.

Aug 25, 2016  Autotune Demystified: How Pitch Correction Software Actually Works. Ever since we included pitch correction into our mixing and mastering services I’ve noticed a few artists have some unrealistic expectations for what Auto-tune can do for them. So to clear the air, I’m going to tell you what Auto-tune can’t do for you and explain why. This is mostly for rappers and people who can’t. Now that you have a better idea of what to look out for, let’s jump right into the 7 best and completely free autotune plugins available in 2018! MAuto Pitch MeldaProduction, a renowned audio plugin company used and promoted by Deadmau5, was kind enough to create a completely free and fully functioning autotune plugin! How do you use and find auto-tune in the 10.1.3 version of GarageBand I cant find it! January 28, 2017 Matt Reply Thank you for all of your time you’ve put into knowing what you know and sharing it with us. Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS is only compatible with Pro Tools 10 or earlier. If you’re not using Pro Tools please check out Auto-Tune Pro. If you’re using Pro Tools 10.3.8 or later, please check out Auto-Tune Pro. Auto-Tune is an audio plugin commonly used in the Pop music industry. Auto-Tune corrects intonation and timing problems in vocals or solo instruments, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance - with audio quality so pristine that the only difference between what goes in and what comes out is the intonation and timing.

Create Project and Enhance Tuning of Track

When you open GarageBand, choose to make a voice project. Give it a name, select the correct key (the key you want the song to be in), and the tempo. Select the track you want to apply the auto tune effect to.

Now, go down and click in the scissor icon to open the editor. Drag the slider up to 100 where it says Enhanced Tuning. Then, check Limit to Key. This will limit your voice to the key that you selected when you created the project.

Add the Chorus Effect

On the upper-right side of the GaragBand window, with the track info panel open (click on the little 'i' on the bottom right if it isn't), click Edit. By default, some effects (e.g. Noise Gate, Bass Reduction) will already be applied. We can leave those alone. Click on one of the blank areas to add a new effect. Choose Chorus. Where chance the option Default to Atmospheric.

Auto Tune On Garage Band 2018 Lineup

Edit the Visual EQ, Echo, and Reverb

Click the graphic next to the Visual EQ to open its visual editor. Bring the treble up a little some, and the bass down just a little to look the way I did it in the picture. Then, underneath that, bring the Master Echo to around 15% and the Master Reverb to around 25%. You can tweak the Visual EQ, Master Echo, and Master Reverb to your liking.

Save the Instrument

Now go down to Save Instrument and give it a name. Now, if you want to use it on another track, just go to the browse tab of the track info and choose it. Don't forget to adjust the Enhance Tuning values when you use you custom vocal effects on a new track.

Auto Tune On Garage Band 2018 Youtube

Remember, there isn't just one way to do it. You can tweak any of the values I used for the tutorial to make it sound the way you want. Now that you have created the auto tune effect on the track, you can record.

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