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We respect that you are a busy business professional and need immediate answers. Please use the following form to contact us even faster. Auto-Tune Vocal Studio; AVOX 4; Auto-Tune. Auto-Tune Pro; Auto-Tune Artist; Auto-Tune EFX+; Auto-Tune Access; Auto-Key; Auto-Tune 7 TDM/RTAS; Compare Auto-Tune Editions; Vocal Effects. Aspire EVO; Articulator EVO; CHOIR EVO; DUO EVO; Harmony Engine EVO; Mic Mod EFX; Mutator EVO; Punch EVO; Sybil EVO; Throat EVO; Warm EVO; Noise Reduction. How to insert Auto-Tune Pro as an ARA plug-in in Studio One Studio One features that are unsupported for use with ARA Auto-Tune Pro Why do all Note and Time.

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If you see any of these screens when you try to use your Antares plugin, you probably don't have your iLok USB dongle plugged into your computer.

Antares Auto Tune Trial

You must plug your iLok USB dongle into your computer to use Antares plugins.

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Antares Auto Tune Contact

If you do not have an iLok USB Smart Key dongle, you'll have to purchase one so you can activate your Antares plugin license to it.


Once you get an iLok USB dongle, follow all of the iLok License Activation instructions to authorize your Antares plugin and use it in your recording software.

Antares Auto Tune Customer Service Number Customer Service


Auto-tune and not auto-tune. Before he transformed himself into T-Wayne on ', Wayne's pop presence was limited to guest verses and unauthorized freestyles. In the same way that Miles equipped to stay pop-relevant, Wayne's flirtation with the VST plugin du jour brought him updial from JAMN 94.5 to KISS 108.' 's was generally well received by critics, and it similarly used Auto-Tune to represent a fragmented soul, following his mother's death.

• In spite of the messages seen on the screens above, Antares plugins do not use iLok Activation codes.

• You do not have an iLok Activation code.

• You cannot activate your Antares license through these iLok screens. Do not bother entering an activation code into the iLok screen's text fields, it will not work.

• The demo and full versions of Antares plugins require an iLok USB Smart Key dongle.

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